About me


Welcome! My name is Aivo Pidim

My first memories in photography are going back to times when I was a kid and learned the magic of photography under red light in the darkroom.

Working experience of 10 years on finest cruise ships in the world has given me knowledge about high standard expectations of the experienced world travellers. In bonus, I received extensive travel knowledge about countries and people living in around the globe. Understanding the value of the world various cultures and need to safeguard sustainable living environment as a necessity.

Now,  after working on dry land many years already, I have a chance to work with the camera in an environment I live in or visit other places in the world. To work with commercial and social projects which can take me to explore beautiful local nature or take me to the urban environment to discover hidden marvels.

Beeing passionate working with the camera and getting to know people from around the world I provide photographic services for professional photographers or organise photo tours in nature or urban environment for travellers.